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Best – Santa Cruz Ca http://santa-cruz-ca.org Local Guide to Santa Cruz California Fri, 27 Oct 2017 18:19:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.7.23 62922140 Nourish Yoga http://santa-cruz-ca.org/uncategorized/nourish-yoga/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/uncategorized/nourish-yoga/#comments Wed, 24 Feb 2016 21:25:19 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=1150

Nourish Yoga

Nourish Yoga

If you want a quality yoga experience for the best price you’re likely to find in this town, consider investing in a membership at Nourish Yoga. It’s located in downtown Santa Cruz on the corner of Cedar and Walnut.
Nourish has won several “best” awards from the good times including “best yoga instructor” and “best yoga studio”. You will see their achievements reflected in the excellence of service and comfortable atmosphere they provide for yogis of all levels. In addition to yoga, nourish offers Nutrition Consultation, Massage, and yoga teacher training. If you are looking to become a yoga teacher this is a great place to learn from; they offer a 6- course in depth training followed by a quarter long student teaching immersion.

Nourish Yoga Studio

Nourish Yoga Studio

The studio itself is an intimate, though not over crowded loft overlooking downtown. The instructors pay closer attention to their students than most studios in town. This is a place where they will frequently make slight adjustments in your posture if it is off. This gives students the opportunity to really learn the postures and perfect them. Unlike some classes where you might feel like you think you are doing a posture right, but feel unsure and are too afraid to interrupt class, you can trust that the instructors here will take good care of you and gently help you grow as a yogi. The attitude there is not pretentious or intense, you are made to feel relaxed from the time you walk into the door to the time you leave. It isn’t uncommon for the instructor to approach students after class and see that any questions they might have about their personal practice or the studio are answered. This is a good time to ask their advice if you are having any trouble with the postures, or if you just want to check in with them about where you are at. Generally they’ll have your name down by the second or third class and you’ll start to feel more like you are a part of a family than a member of a yoga studio.

View of Downtown

View of Downtown

Take a look at their schedule online, they offer classes Monday through Sunday ranging from beginning, to intermediate, to all levels. If you want to try a more challenging practice, go to the Core Strength classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 4:15-5:00pm. There are many options for beginners as well as “all level” classes. Drop in is $15.00 and unlimited access is just $59/ month.


Address: 130 Walnut Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Phone: 831-429-9355

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The 515 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/restaurants/the-515/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/restaurants/the-515/#respond Thu, 18 Feb 2016 21:00:48 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=1115


515 kitchen & Cocktails

If you find that you’re feeling fancy and have a hankering for a craft cocktail and some ornate appetizers, stop by the 515, conveniently named after its address on Cedar Street in downtown Santa Cruz. This place is definitely a community treasure and a local favorite. If you are visiting the area and are lucky enough to stumble upon the 515, you’re guaranteed to remember it. It isn’t a place that tourists will likely find themselves unless they’ve heard about it somewhere before, or have local connections. Although known around town mainly for their classy bar and lounge, it should also be known that they offer a more fine dining atmosphere downstairs.

Bartender's Creation

Bartender’s Creation

What do we mean when we say “craft cocktail”? Perhaps you are in the mood for more than just a jack and coke or gin and tonic. Perhaps you’re a person that cares about what kind of gin you’re drinking and the freshness of the fruit and other ingredients that go into your glass. Maybe you want to try a Negroni with a modern twist, or some variation of a Manhattan or Sazarac. If you don’t know what these drinks are and you’d like to find out, ask one of the bartenders here, they are friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the liquor, beer, and wine they pour. If something sweet is what you want, try Le Pamplemousse, a drink served up with Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka, Aperol, lemon juice, orange juice, and grapefruit juice. If you are more sour than sweet, try the New York Sour, made with Bulliet Rye Bourbon, lemon juice, cane sugar, and Cabernet Franc. Also ask about The Cocktail of The Moment, which is their featured drink that changes every night. Here it is also completely invited to ask the bartender to surprise you with whatever concoction he or she might be experimenting with, they love that. Eight draft beers are available and change from time to time. Many of them you aren’t going to see on just any tap such as Old Rasputin, a Russian Imperial Stout from the North coast Brewing Co. in Fort Bragg. There is no draft Coors Light here friends.

515 Lamb Flatbread

515 Lamb Flatbread

The décor in the upstairs bar is reminiscent of a 1920’s lounge. It consists of a small bar counter at the far end, and a few dining tables, but mostly couches comfortably arranged around coffee tables. There is a small private room that can be rented out for intimate special events and an outside patio overlooking downtown complete with a fire pit and lights strung overhead. Downstairs provides the full white linen treatment with the nice touch of a silent film playing in the background. Also make sure you stop by for Saturday and Sunday brunch sometime to enjoy a quality Bloody Mary (they serve several different recipies), and a specialty benedict or Prosciutto Hash. Reservations are encouraged for upstairs or down, because often times more people have the desire to eat there than space provided.

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Santa Cruz Beach Wallpaper – For Your Computer and Phone http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/santa-cruz-beach-wallpaper-for-your-computer-and-phone/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/santa-cruz-beach-wallpaper-for-your-computer-and-phone/#respond Sat, 30 Jan 2016 23:01:06 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=1068

The super cool Santa Cruz Artists over at Local Santa Cruz gave away a free beach wallpaper download today. You should go check it out and decorate all of your devices!

Download it from their site: Beach Wallpaper

Local Santa Cruz has done one of these before too; a Victorian Wallpaper, that shows the Walton Lighthouse at the harbor. Their Victorian wallpaper is linked to from the icon wallpaper too if you want to take a look.

http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/santa-cruz-beach-wallpaper-for-your-computer-and-phone/feed/ 0 1068
Santa Cruz Arts and Entertainment http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/santa-cruz-arts-and-entertainment/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/santa-cruz-arts-and-entertainment/#respond Tue, 28 Apr 2015 20:37:08 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=1023

Santa Cruz LogoWe are going to be working with LocalSantaCruz.com to be showcasing the artistic tallent here in Santa Cruz. They really believe that Santa Cruz could be the most artistic and creative place in the world. We want to join them in continuing a conversation about the arts, design, community and Santa Cruz in general.

Please check out their site, and their social media accounts!

Facebook.com: LocalSC

Twitter: LocalSC

Instagram: LocalSC

WWW: LocalSC

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Great New Stickers for Santa Cruz http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/great-new-stickers-for-santa-cruz/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/great-new-stickers-for-santa-cruz/#respond Tue, 31 Dec 2013 03:01:45 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=840

Santa Cruz StickersSanta Cruz has a slew of stickers roaming around town, from the iconic Santa Cruz Skateboards’ “Red Dot” to Tim Ward’s Mermaid and Sea Otters. Santa Cruz also has hundreds of generic tourist trap, logo rip-off and old english/tattoo style stickers that add nothing to our community, and in my opinion only serve to dilute the fantastic and rich history that our community has.

Santa Cruz started it’s history as a Spanish mission, but really had it’s first major growth period around the turn of the century, with a constant stream of Victorian influnce pouring in from San Francisco, and the world at large. Victorian architecture in particular is still visible in the fiber of Santa Cruz today.

I am of course a little biased, since this is one of my projects. I feel we have done a beautiful job at LocalSantaCruz.com of weaving that fiber of Santa Cruz history in with our modern lifestyle, and not to mention our modern obsession with stickers. Each design has a combination of elements that have either been with us for some time, is something new adding to our community all illustrated together with beautiful Victorian type and style. I think these stickers are going to be a huge hit, and will help us all remember, appreicate and be proud of our local community roots.

You can find the designs here: Santa Cruz stickers

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The Great Morgani http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/the-great-morgani/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/the-great-morgani/#respond Mon, 13 May 2013 04:43:24 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=474

The Great Morgani

The Great Morgani performs on Pacific Avenue downtown Santa Cruz

The Great Morgani is what all street performers in Santa Cruz should strive to be. He is Original, artistic, talented and amazingly dedicated!

There are a number of really talented street performers that regularly improve downtown Santa Cruz with their presence. There are a handful of classic musicians, some bluegrass folks, and strange characters as a bonus but unfortunately there is also the pan-handling garbage that needs to get lost. The two classes of people are often affected by the same loitering laws, but are a VERY different class of people.

Thank you to all of the talented musicians and performers who improve downtown. Next time you see one of these great locals PLEASE ignore the pan handlers and give a dollar or five to support a street performer instead.

Also, if you would like to support the arts in Santa Cruz, please check out our page dedicated to the arts: Santa Cruz Arts

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Blue Lagoon Cocktail Lounge http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/blue-lagoon-cocktail-lounge/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/blue-lagoon-cocktail-lounge/#respond Sun, 26 Aug 2012 00:28:30 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=345 The Blue Lagoon Club

I had an experience once, and this is where it was.

That pretty much sums up every persons experience of the Blue.

If you want to go to the Blue Lagoon you are in for an experience. I for one, love this place. The Booze is cheap for how strong it is, the DJs are great, even though they do occasionally have Dub Step nights. And although the live bands sometimes suck, I would blame Santa Cruz for having an over abundance of shitty punk bands before I blamed the blue.

On a side note, it’s absurd how often they charge covers, and I wouldn’t use their restrooms for anything other than standing to pee and 1 night stands… and I’m a girl.

The Local Guide to Santa Cruz has a review of other clubs up at Santa Cruz Clubs you should go take a look and then go enjoy your night getting way to drunk in Downtown Santa Cruz!

http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/blue-lagoon-cocktail-lounge/feed/ 0 345
Del Mar Theater on Pacific http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/del-mar-theater-on-pacific/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/del-mar-theater-on-pacific/#respond Mon, 23 Jul 2012 22:09:54 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=329

Del Mar Theater Sign on Pacific Ave

Del Mar Theater Sign on Pacific Ave

I went and saw a microscopically small release movie last week at the Del Mar theater on Pacific Avenue. This theater has been one of my favorites since I was a kid, I love the classic theater style, and particularly the art deco chandeliers.

In the 90s when the 9-plex came in, as well as the revamp of the riverfront twin, by whichever major theater and movie chain owns them this theater was on a short hit list of theaters that would most likely be put out of business, and I am thrilled that they survived. Actually, I am thrilled that they survived in the form that they did, showing small run and independent films that we may not otherwise have access to in Santa Cruz. If you get a chance seeing a movie at the Del Mar is worth it to at least get in a check out a piece of Santa Cruz history, but even better if you happen get to support gem of a film that would have otherwise skipped Santa Cruz all together.

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Video Testimonial to Weirdness http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/video-testimonial-to-weirdness/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/video-testimonial-to-weirdness/#respond Mon, 20 Feb 2012 20:40:43 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=296 We recently filmed a video with The Plastic Bag Man, who isn’t from Santa Cruz, but is more than happy to talk about some of the Street Performers, Artists, and Weirdos that call Santa Cruz home.


You can also find more about some of our favorite eccentric Santa Cruz Locals here : Weird Santa Cruz

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Welcome To Santa Cruz http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/welcome-to-santa-cruz/ http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/welcome-to-santa-cruz/#respond Sun, 01 Jan 2012 23:44:03 +0000 http://santa-cruz-ca.org/?p=120

Santa Cruz, CA is one of the best kept secrets on the West Coast.

But should we keep it that way?

Ya, we probably should!

Those of us who really love Santa Cruz will probably understand that I am half joking above. I am always amused when I hear Santa Cruz referred to as a “Well Kept Secret”, and my response to that is; Wouldn’t that be nice. Santa Cruz is an interesting mix of long time locals and families, tourists, and longer term yet still temporary UCSC students. All of which leave us in an interesting place. No matter which group you are in, you can love Santa Cruz, but you better learn to share because everyone else isn’t going away any time soon.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk seen from the Santa Cruz Wharf

Image used courtesy Josta Photo Via a Creative Commons License

Santa Cruz is more than it’s connection to the beach and the redwood forests that surround it. Santa Cruz , CA is the local people, businesses and culture that make it great. Many of our families may have moved to Santa Cruz for the beautiful temperate climate, but it is our additions to this community that truly make it one of the most special, and at times strange, places in the world.

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Image used courtesy Mark Hogan Via a Creative Commons License

From the ocean and the boardwalk, to shopping downtown Santa Cruz and the Capitola Village, or having brunch in Aptos before heading out on an afternoon hike through Nisene Marks, there are hundreds of activities to keep you active in Santa Cruz.

Located on the north side of the Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz is one of the southernmost parts of Northern California. The Southern facing location of Santa Cruz can be disorienting to people who expect to watch the sun set over the ocean, but it also allows Santa Cruz to maximize the amount of time it faces the sun year round.

mystery spot sign in santa cruz

Mystery Spot Sign in Santa Cruz

Image used courtesy Ack Ook Via a Creative Commons License

For more of the best Santa Cruz has to offer check out our Local Guides right here on Santa-Cruz-CA.org.

http://santa-cruz-ca.org/best/welcome-to-santa-cruz/feed/ 0 120