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First Friday Art Tour

Santa Cruz First Friday Art Tour

First Friday Art Tour

First Friday Art Tour in Downtown Santa Cruz, and on the web. Come out and take in the art or get set up with a venue to show your work!

On the Web: First Friday Art Tour
On Facebook: First Friday Art Tour

Downtown Santa Cruz has been hosting one of the best events in recent Santa Cruz history. Since the Santa Cruz Institute of Contemporary Arts started First Friday’s downtown we have all really benefited from the culture, art and socialization that has been developing in town.

First Friday happens on the first Friday of every month in downtown Santa Cruz, with new art, artists and venues participating every month there are always fresh new things to see. Since every venue handles their own artists and schedules it is a good idea to check their schedule on their website http://www.firstfridaysantacruz.com/ although you can still find good art by wandering around downtown too.

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