Local Guide to Living Cheaply in Santa Cruz

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  2. Thrift Center Thrift Store – Cheap Clothing
    504 Front St
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
  3. Paula’s  – Cheap Eats
    3500 Portola Dr
    Santa Cruz, CA 95062
    (831) 464-0741
  4. Swan Lake Apartments – Cheap Rent
    755 14th Ave Ofc
    Santa Cruz, CA 95062
    (831) 476-5225
  5. Logos Books & Records – Cheap Books
    1117 Pacific Ave
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
    (831) 427-5100

In addition to being a local town where people often develop world class skills in dealing with room mates because rent is so expensive, Santa Cruz is also a university town. Having UCSC means that we also have thousands of students living on ramen and 2 liter bottles of soda. So if you do want to go out on the cheap, there is always a venue ready to cater to you.