Homemade Absinthe (Moonshine)

Santa Cruz Moonshine AbsintheWow this Absinthe packs a punch, A stumbling black licorice punch!

A friend of a friend brought this bottle over to a pretty casual night hanging out last night, the bottle was half gone but still crisp with icy condensation when I arrived.

My first sip was all black licorice, rich STRONG and almost overpowering. Even with a start like that I kept going (with a little peer pressure from my friends). And as one friend pointed out, it may be a tough shot, but wow does it come with some great side effects!

Although I didn’t see any green faeries it did only take three or four sipped shots for me to join my friends with an amusingly slur… at least enough to put a smile on my face for a few hours!

I have no idea who made this, or where it came from, but if you get a chance to try one of these “Illusion” bottles, it may be worth the adventure.

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