Blue Lagoon Cocktail Lounge

The Blue Lagoon Club

I had an experience once, and this is where it was.

That pretty much sums up every persons experience of the Blue.

If you want to go to the Blue Lagoon you are in for an experience. I for one, love this place. The Booze is cheap for how strong it is, the DJs are great, even though they do occasionally have Dub Step nights. And although the live bands sometimes suck, I would blame Santa Cruz for having an over abundance of shitty punk bands before I blamed the blue.

On a side note, it’s absurd how often they charge covers, and I wouldn’t use their restrooms for anything other than standing to pee and 1 night stands… and I’m a girl.

The Local Guide to Santa Cruz has a review of other clubs up at Santa Cruz Clubs you should go take a look and then go enjoy your night getting way to drunk in Downtown Santa Cruz!

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