Del Mar Theater on Pacific

Del Mar Theater Sign on Pacific Ave

Del Mar Theater Sign on Pacific Ave

I went and saw a microscopically small release movie last week at the Del Mar theater on Pacific Avenue. This theater has been one of my favorites since I was a kid, I love the classic theater style, and particularly the art deco chandeliers.

In the 90s when the 9-plex came in, as well as the revamp of the riverfront twin, by whichever major theater and movie chain owns them this theater was on a short hit list of theaters that would most likely be put out of business, and I am thrilled that they survived. Actually, I am thrilled that they survived in the form that they did, showing small run and independent films that we may not otherwise have access to in Santa Cruz. If you get a chance seeing a movie at the Del Mar is worth it to at least get in a check out a piece of Santa Cruz history, but even better if you happen get to support gem of a film that would have otherwise skipped Santa Cruz all together.

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