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Nourish Yoga

If you want a quality yoga experience for the best price you’re likely to find in this town, consider investing in a membership at Nourish Yoga. It’s located in downtown Santa Cruz on the corner of Cedar and Walnut. Nourish has won several “best” awards from the good times including “best yoga instructor” and “best […]

The 515

If you find that you’re feeling fancy and have a hankering for a craft cocktail and some ornate appetizers, stop by the 515, conveniently named after its address on Cedar Street in downtown Santa Cruz. This place is definitely a community treasure and a local favorite. If you are visiting the area and are lucky […]

Santa Cruz Arts and Entertainment

We are going to be working with to be showcasing the artistic tallent here in Santa Cruz. They really believe that Santa Cruz could be the most artistic and creative place in the world. We want to join them in continuing a conversation about the arts, design, community and Santa Cruz in general. Please […]

Great New Stickers for Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz has a slew of stickers roaming around town, from the iconic Santa Cruz Skateboards’ “Red Dot” to Tim Ward’s Mermaid and Sea Otters. Santa Cruz also has hundreds of generic tourist trap, logo rip-off and old english/tattoo style stickers that add nothing to our community, and in my opinion only serve to dilute […]

The Great Morgani

the great morgani

The Great Morgani is what all street performers in Santa Cruz should strive to be. He is Original, artistic, talented and amazingly dedicated! There are a number of really talented street performers that regularly improve downtown Santa Cruz with their presence. There are a handful of classic musicians, some bluegrass folks, and strange characters as […]

Blue Lagoon Cocktail Lounge

The Blue Lagoon Club I had an experience once, and this is where it was. -you That pretty much sums up every persons experience of the Blue. If you want to go to the Blue Lagoon you are in for an experience. I for one, love this place. The Booze is cheap for how strong […]

Del Mar Theater on Pacific

Del Mar Theater Sign on Pacific Ave

I went and saw a microscopically small release movie last week at the Del Mar theater on Pacific Avenue. This theater has been one of my favorites since I was a kid, I love the classic theater style, and particularly the art deco chandeliers. In the 90s when the 9-plex came in, as well as […]

Video Testimonial to Weirdness

We recently filmed a video with The Plastic Bag Man, who isn’t from Santa Cruz, but is more than happy to talk about some of the Street Performers, Artists, and Weirdos that call Santa Cruz home. “Justice!” You can also find more about some of our favorite eccentric Santa Cruz Locals here : Weird Santa […]

Welcome To Santa Cruz

mystery spot sign

Santa Cruz, CA is one of the best kept secrets on the West Coast. But should we keep it that way? Ya, we probably should! Those of us who really love Santa Cruz will probably understand that I am half joking above. I am always amused when I hear Santa Cruz referred to as a […]