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People Being and People Doing in Santa Cruz

Capitola Halloween Parade

Originally Posted by Fleur Williams on Pull out your costumes and put on your masks – it’s time for small spooky creatures to haunt the streets of Capitola! On October 29th, the village by the sea will be taken over by ghosts, goblins, boys and ghouls during the annual Children’s Halloween Parade. This will […]

Santa Cruz Arts and Entertainment

We are going to be working with to be showcasing the artistic tallent here in Santa Cruz. They really believe that Santa Cruz could be the most artistic and creative place in the world. We want to join them in continuing a conversation about the arts, design, community and Santa Cruz in general. Please […]

Coolest Local Jobs? Boardwalk Archivist!


What a Unique and Fun local Job! I often watch Santa Cruz Jobs on Craigslist and similar sites (Santa Cruz Jobs) to see what unique and fun positions pop up, and the position of Boardwalk Archivist would probably rank at the top of the list for uniqueness. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was founded in […]

The Great Morgani

the great morgani

The Great Morgani is what all street performers in Santa Cruz should strive to be. He is Original, artistic, talented and amazingly dedicated! There are a number of really talented street performers that regularly improve downtown Santa Cruz with their presence. There are a handful of classic musicians, some bluegrass folks, and strange characters as […]


Those who have come across the Local Guide to Santa Cruz before know that we are big fans of the local blog Santa Cruz Waves. Recently they added a page to keep track of surfers who are actively out and about in Santa Cruz. You can see the page here: Surfers. Since the folks over […]


Locals at Lighthouse field in Santa Cruz take the time to say hi to Joe the gopher. Living in Santa Cruz you probably have Gophers in your yard. We learned long ago that if you want to have a garden, roses, or even certain types of trees you will have to bury chicken wire in […]