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Local Santa Cruz Restaurants

Fins Coffee

An interesting fact about Fins is that it used to be a gas station called Beach City Gas Station. Over time they developed a coffee shop inside where the coffee was so good, people started to come just for a supreme cup of joe. The Gas station turned coffee and pastry shop is named after […]

The 515

If you find that you’re feeling fancy and have a hankering for a craft cocktail and some ornate appetizers, stop by the 515, conveniently named after its address on Cedar Street in downtown Santa Cruz. This place is definitely a community treasure and a local favorite. If you are visiting the area and are lucky […]

Taqueria Tepeque

Everyone has their favorite taqueria in town; here is one you may not have heard of. Taqueria Tepeque is a jewel among others, hidden in the Brown Ranch shopping center on Clare’s Street across from the Capitola Mall; better known for containing Trader Joe’s, Game Stop, and Bed Bath and Beyond. This taqueria is a […]


If you are in the mood for something unique and delicious with high quality ingredients for lunch or dinner, give Assembly a try. It is located on Pacific Avenue, just between Hoffman’s and Kianti’s. Assembly is fairly new to Santa Cruz; opened recently by the owners of Penny’s Ice creamery (where they get most of […]

Midtown Cafe

Midtown Cafe Counter

Have you ever been to Midtown Café? It’s a fairly new spot that you may not have heard people talk about yet; one of those semi-secret Santa Cruz treasures…..there are a lot of them in this town. This one is located just down the street from The Rio Theatre. Midtown Café serves more than your […]

The Farm

The Farm Gifts

The ambiance of The Farm is one that feels familiar, as though you’ve dropped by the house of your favorite relative. The décor is reminiscent of a summer time picnic. The Coffee Shop/ Deli is more than just your average quick coffee stop, as they serve breakfast and lunch items, a plethora of baked goods, […]

The Palm Deli

 If you ever find yourself in the Aptos Village area of Santa Cruz County and are looking for a nice local deli to grab a sandwich, head over to The Palm Deli. Owned by the Glaum Family, this local deli has a little bit of everything for your lunch time needs. Sandwiches, green salads, deli […]

Pleasure Pizza East Side Eatery

 At the end of 41st Ave on your way to East Cliff is a fairly new establishment known as the Pleasure Pizza East Side Eatery. Owned and operated by the same owner as the Pleasure Pizza right across the street, The East Side Eatery offers many more dining options than its grab and go, single […]

Chill Out Cafe


Chill Out Cafe 860 41st Ave Santa Cruz, CA Current Hours: Mon-Fri: 6:30 am – 3 pm Sat-Sun: 7 am – 4 pm Tucked on the beach side of 41st Ave is a small breakfast/lunch cafe that offers a bit of everything. Chill Out Cafe is most known for their array of breakfast burrito options, but […]

Garden Liquors and Deli

Garden liquors

This is probably the best Deli in town. I make a trip to Garden Liquors for a gluten free sandwich at least once a week. Even though there is always a stuipidly long line at lunch time it is still worth the wait, although realistically, I usually wait til 2:30 or 3:00 to eat lunch […]