You really want to keep this place in mind!

1522 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Find them on the web: Chocolate Santa Cruz
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12 hours a day “Stay up Late and Eat Out” with Santa Cruz Chocolate.

With a beautiful patio half hidden behind a wall of foliage on Pacific Ave in downtown Santa Cruz is Chocolate. By far the perfect place to “Stay up Late and Eat Out” Chocolate will give you the perfect range of food for late night dinners and deserts. Since I have discovered Chocolate for myself I often find myself being drawn back.

I couldn’t imagine a better choice for dinner or desert while out on a movie date in Downtown Santa Cruz. Since no one should drink gallons of soda or eat $10 popcorn when they see a movie, not just for health reasons, but especially now that you know that there is a treat like Chocolate available before or after the movie. I try and always keep them in mind when I am downtown, because any excuse is a good enough excuse to stop in, even if it is just for a Sofia hot chocolate!

Also, if you have been here before, make sure that you leave them a 5 star review on Yelp!, they deserve it.

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