Fins Coffee

Fin's Dining Area

Fin’s Dining Area

An interesting fact about Fins is that it used to be a gas station called Beach City Gas Station. Over time they developed a coffee shop inside where the coffee was so good, people started to come just for a supreme cup of joe. The Gas station turned coffee and pastry shop is named after the owners love for classic cars and is located across the street from Marriane’s Ice Cream on Ocean Street.

Fins menu

Fins menu

Fins uses Malabar Gold for their espresso, which Coffee ratings deemed, “One of the greatest espresso blends on the planet.” The product lives up to this prestige statement providing a middle of the road flavor between sour and bitter, with an emphatic sweetness in the after taste. This makes it extra wonderful in a cappuccino, macchiato, or any other milk based drink, as well as by itself. Speaking of milk based drinks, you have to try their chai, it might be the best you’ve ever had. Throw a shot of Espresso in it by asking for a “Dirty Chai”, or “Persian Red Eye.”
The employees here have to go through an intensive training process before they are allowed to make drinks for customers to ensure the quality and consistency of their drinks. The final test is to pour the perfect tasting and looking shot with an adequate amount of crema resting on top. There are steps necessary in packing the espresso shot to make this happen. On drip they serve a dark roast called Indian Malobar, an extremely popular blend that can be found at Lulu Carpenter’s, Santa Cruz Roasting Company, and a few other shops in town. Their lite roast, which naturally contains more caffeine than the Malobar is a blend roasted in Stockton, California and grown in Nicaragua on their third highest mountain, Cerro De Jesus (Jesus Mountain). Sip the light roast responsibly, it’s very potent.

Pastry Case

Pastry Case (Afternoon)

In addition to Fins excellent coffee, they also have locally baked goods from Heather’s Patisserie delivered fresh every morning. They tend to sell quickly so come earlier in the day if you want a fresh croissant or cinnamon bun. The Pastries range from blueberry scones to a beautiful and generous slice of dark chocolate cake. The dining area is quite spacious with many car photos on the wall and surfboards on display. Board games are available as well as a piano open to the public. Once in a while they will feature a live band usually on a weekend. Drop in some time if you’re in the area!


Fins Coffee

1104 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz CA

Phone: 831-423-6131