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Louie’s Cajun Kitchen and Bourbon Bar

Louies Cajun Kitchen and Bourbon Bar

Louie's Cajun Kitchen and Bourbon Bar just days before their grand opening

I have been keeping my eye on the place that used to be Clouds, excited to see how the remodel and relaunch would treat the restaurant. I honestly believe that whoever the chef was at Clouds is one of the best Chefs in Santa Cruz. And I have honestly had some of the best food I have ever had on quiet afternoons at Clouds.

With the change over from being Clouds to becoming Louie’s Cajun Kitchen and Bourbon Bar I was stoked to hear that the ownership hadn’t changed, and hopefully that same Chef, whoever he or she is, is still there.

The day after the Grand Opening I cruised through, but it was too late at night and too insanely packed to sit and eat. So although I haven’t eaten there yet, I decided to post with fingers crossed hoping that this was a move to play to the kitchen’s strengths.

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