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Top Santa Cruz Life Coaches

Santa Cruz Life Coach

Santa Cruz Life Coach

Santa Cruz Life Coaches

If you find that where you currently are, isn’t where you want to be, then a coach could be a major tool in getting you where you want to be. Check out this list of some of the useful services a coach can offer, and help you to increase value in your life.

What is a life coach

A life coach is someone who is professionally trained to coach people through tough personal and career decisions. You may be in a situation where you need a coach and you know it, or you could be in a situation where you are feel lost and don’t know where to turn. Coaching can offer direction and clarity to otherwise confusing and painful situations. Many people say that finding a professional coach to help them with their planning, decision making and time management was the smartest thing that they have every done.

What life coaches offer

There is a lot that a professional life coach can offer. You may find that you didn’t even realize how much you were fighting yourself after a few sessions with a Life Coach. Doors can open and success can be yours.

  • Perspective
  • Motivation
  • Help making decisions
  • Help understanding decisions that you have already made
  • Help setting goals
  • Help achieving goals
  • Tools for time management
  • Tools for staying on track
  • Accountability

And sometimes, maybe you just need someone to talk to.

Who is doing great work in Santa Cruz

You can find coaches for both 1 on 1 work and also for group sessions, we recommend this list as a great place to get started coaching.

Santa Cruz Life Coach Peter Parker

Santa Cruz Life Coach Peter Parker

Mindful Heart Life Coaching
Coach Peter Parker
Certified Professional Life Coach
Mindfulness and Professional coaching

Janette Valentino

Janette Valentino

Valentino Coaching
Janette Valentino
Certified Professional Life Coach
Coaching for Women