Gift Sale at the Santa Cruz Art Center


It feels like arts in Santa Cruz are everywhere yet at the same time have a hard time gaining traction in places designated for them.

I have no idea what the real draw or purpose or economics of this place are. But it seems to me that if you name a place for the arts, it is probably your intent to support the arts.

This place… Really doesn’t seem to be doing that. Whatever the reason it is unfortunate that this beautiful space doesn’t have more local art and artists selling and displaying here.

Today there is a gift festival Sponsored by The Blue Herron Design Group and The Art Factory, which we mentioned before, and so every nook and cranny does have artisans packed into it. Having artists in every hall and corner really points out how little art there must be here on a normal basis though.

So it’s really a shame that this place has an “Art Center” name with cabinetry and and a salon tenants, which may be fine businesses on their own, but seem out of place. It would be nice to see the dance studio, luthier and textile shop here entice other like minded neighbors and I will keep this place in mind when I hear people talking about venues for art events. But again, I have no idea what the real situation is, maybe artists just can’t pay the rent.

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